This is the list of the Events that I recently organised. 
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17th Organization Studies Workshop: Utopias and dystopias: Organization studies in a brave new world?

Athens, Greece, 18-20 May 2023


Organization Studies Paper Development Workshop

Palermo, Italy, 13-14 April 2023


Building from the Margins, the Ineffable and the Mystery: On Theorising (No-)Things in Accounting and Organisational Sociology

Most of modern theorising across the social sciences is still somehow anchored to the visible, the measurable and the tangible. With this workshop, we want to displace the starting point of theorising towards what is instead not visible, what is at the margins and marginalised by the modern gazing, what is ineffable and remains intrinsically and inevitably a mystery. This is the realm of religion and theology more than science and rationality, of feelings more than reasons, of affects more then effects.

University of Warwick, 3-4 September 2019


Distributed Ledgers, Distributed Institutions?

At the centre of the widespread hype and experimentation, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies hint at, and promise, a new form of social order in which “central” institutions and intermediaries are no longer required for the production of trust between social actors. The apparent ambition behind blockchain is hardly new….

London School of Economics and Political Sciences, 16 December 2019