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Videos & Podcasts


The Metaphysics of Accounting

Podcast, Money on the Left


How can Accounting save the world?

Keynote Speech, Manchester Festival on Climate Action, Manchester, UK

manchester webinar


The Value of Nothing. Accounting in the Post-Truth Era

Inaugural Lecture, Original Thinking Webinar, Alliance Manchester Business School, Manchester, UK

manchester lecture 2


The Challenge of Integrating Impact and Financial Accounting

VII S2B Impact Forum, Barcelona, Spain


Sur la destruction, la production et la distribution des ressources: une perspective comptable

Collège des Bernardins, Paris


Where will accounting be in ten years?

Accounting & Society Workshop, Roundable, Ivey Business School, London (Ontario)


The mystery of value: Accounting for common good at the Istituto per la Ricostruzione Industriale (IRI)

ISSTI Retreat, Edinburgh

Professor Paolo Quattrone - 6 September 2017 - Who said accounting was boring? Rhetoric and the making of socie-ties's image


Who said accounting was boring? Rhetoric and the making of ‘socie-ties’ | Paolo Quattrone | CRASSH, University of Cambridge

Keynote lecture


Embracing ambiguity in management control  and decision-making processes

ICAEW 2016 PD Leake Lecture


In Search of Value: An anecdotal history of the representation of value in accounting

ISSTI 50th Anniversary, Edinburgh


Governing ‘socie-ties’ | Paolo Quattrone | TEDxOxBridge

TEDx Talks


Accounting, Governance and Social Innovation: Establishing the Links

Inaugural Lecture at the University of Edinburgh


Operationalising Doubt: Accounting, Inventory and Invention

Sciences-Po, AIME workshop on: “LET’S CALCULATE: Reinventing Accounting with Bruno Latour?”


Unfolding Rationality Performative Accountability, Visual Memory, and Order

ISSTI: The Institute for the Study of Science, Technology and Innovation


In Praise of Doubt: Accounting as a Maieutic Machine. 

The Bruce Initiative for Rethinking Capitalism, University of California Santa Cruz.


Affective, Spatial and Material Flows of Value

The Bruce Initiative for Rethinking Capitalism, University of California Santa Cruz



The WEF Perspective on Reinventing Higher Education

IE University


Wikipedia and Higher Education: mutual benefits

IE University

Professional publications

Financial Reporting Council (2021)

Climate Scenario Analysis: Current Practice and Disclosure Trends

Research Report, November 2021

The Dasgupta Review

The income statement must speak to nature

ICAEW Insights


developing leaders

Quattrone, P. (2020)

A Smart Third Way: An accounting lesson from the Italian economic miracle

Developing Leaders Quarterly, Issue 36

Financial Reporting Council (2020)

A Matter of Principles. The Future of Corporate Reporting 

Discussion Paper, October 2020

Quattrone,  P. (2020)

Five Views on the future of Audit

ICAEW, Quarterly Magazine, 3

Quattrone, P., Wu, K. et al. (2020)

Improving nature’s visibility in financial accounting.

Capitals Coalition, Full Report


Quattrone, P., (2019)

The forgotten history of accounting words

Financial Management (100th CIMA anniversary edition), December issue

Quattrone, P.  (2018).

The Big Four Breakup: Greater Choice is better than Greater Competition

Lawyer Monthly, September

Quattrone, P.  (2018).

Accounting Lies. And that’s a good thing.

Global Banking and Finance Review, March

Busco, C., Granà, F., Quattrone, P. (2017).

Integrated. Thinking. Aligning purpose and the business model to market opportunities and sustainable performance.

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) Research Executive Summary, Vol. 13 Issue 3.

Quattrone, P., Busco, C., Scapens, R., Giovannoni, E. (2016)

Dealing with the unknown. Leading in uncertain times by rethinking the design of management accounting and reporting systems

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) Academic Research Paper, Volume 12, Issue 14

Various authors,
Building a language of systems change
A research report for the ICAEW and The Point People

Busco, C., Frigo, M., Quattrone, P. Riccaboni, A. (2014).

Leading practices in Integrated Reporting.

Strategic finance, September, Cover article

Busco, C., Frigo, M., Quattrone, P. Riccaboni, A (2013).

Redefining Corporate Accountability through Integrated reporting. What happens when values and value creations meet?

Strategic finance, August


16 June, 2021

Judiciary system is a good model for auditing

Financial Times, Letters to the Editor

8 February, 2019

Finance needs the classics now more than ever

Financial Times, Letters to the Editor

24 May, 2018

The true purpose of accounting is to hold society to account

Financial Times, Letters to the Editor

THE podcast: Global Employability University Ranking 2015
13 December, 2017

Interview on the Edinburgh Futures Institute

11 October, 2016

Brexit e fuga dei cervelli: ultima chiamata per il governo italiano

26 March, 2015
Jesuits have much to teach modern business about morality

Financial Times, interviewed by Daniel Ben-Ami

23 July, 2014
“Diario di un Prof Palermitano -4. La cintura di sicurezza, gli esami non registrati e i mulini a vento”

Corriere della sera – Scuola.

22 July, 2014
“Diario di un Prof Palermitano -3. La meritocrazia bella ma inutile nelle università italiane”

Corriere della sera – Scuola.

21 July, 2014
“Diario di un Prof Palermitano -2. Tra gli Azzeccagarbugli di Palermo spunta la mano gentile del signor B.”

Corriere della sera – Scuola.

20 July, 2014
“Diario di un Prof Palermitano -1. Da Oxford a Palermo, tornare in un Ateneo italiano senza «uscire pazzo»”

Corriere della sera – Scuola.

10 March, 2014
Quei meriti poco scientifici.

La Repubblica, with Giandomenico lannetti.

20 January, 2011
L’università e la società italiana: dal brain al body drain.

IlSole-24 Ore, with Carmelo Mazza.

17 December,  2012
“El papel unificador de la universidad”

Foreign Policy España

14 September, 2014
Illuminated Leadership, Wise Governance, And How The Jesuits Invented Modern Management

India Forbes


The Magic of Science

Covid-19: Alliance MBS commentary and Research

Why the new entrepreneurial citizen must learn from the past to account for an uncertain world

8Th Global Peter Drucker Forum

Insight | It’s time to stop worshiping certainty

Edinburgh University – Business school

Governing Social Orders, Unfolding Rationality, and Jesuit Accounting Practices: A Procedural Approach to Institutional Logics

ASQ Blog: Quattrone

“Can finance regain the centre of the business stage?”

PwC blog

“The school of the future has no doors”

World Economic Forum Blog